Amazing Grace!!!

Water Drop CrossWhen grace calls upon my weary soul

So thirsty and tired from all its toil

“Come and I will give you rest

Come, I will give you living waters

Health for your body

Healing for your bones”


Yes my soul thirsts as the dear for the water brooks 

The living God I sought to make my burdens light

For my soul is downcast from all its plight


Yes there is hope, there’s hope in Christ

Living water that never cease

Once  I drink from it, I know I wont thirst

Grace lead me, lead me to that place


Although my strength is weak and my bones feeble

My journey is long in endless searching

This grace is sufficient to lead me to His fountain

Oh love that never let me go

Held my hand and took me straight home


Amazing grace how I am favoured

To reach the arms of my Saviour Beloved

Amazing grace what mercy I found 

By His wounds I am healed and my soul renewed

Now that I found Him, I will never thirst

Jesus my Living water!