As a run up to the new-year, I am just thanking GOD and praying for all the things He blessed me with this year. Starting from my loved ones: family and friends down to the little and basic (but important) things such as food and shelter.

Looking forward to what He has in store for all of us, He is always a faithful God and doesn’t change with seasons, that’s why I put my trust in Him.


Counting my blessings

DSC07390I am counting my blessings today

All the great things God sent my way

I am so greatful dear LORD

For giving me Yourself, the source of all good


Thank You Father for loving parents

And brothers that care

Thank You for wonderful friends

That never ceise, my burdens to share


For their words of wisdom

That filled my hunger

And their encouragement

That quenched my thirst


I am blessed with eyes to see

The beauty of spring and summer

The colours of autumn

And snow fall of winter


Ears to hear the pure streaming water

And birds singing

Songs of praise to their Creator

For the beautiful day ahead


Father I am thankful today

For evey little and big blessing

I am counting them today

And they are innumerable

Thank You Father

For the countless mercies and grace!