Secular dictatorship

You say countries run by dictators have little or no freedom of speech or practising their faith. Well it’s true, I come from such a country where you are not entitled to have a different view point or worship and express your faith freely.

Coming to the west, I thought I would have the freedom I once longed for in a closed country. As I progressed through school, college, university and work however, I have noticed how secularisation has dictated over democracy; where freedom and tolerance have been double defined. We are at an age where teaching Religious Studies in schools is not necessary but an option and being debated whether to completely be stopped. How can young people make a choice if they don’t know their options?

Describing C S Lewis’ struggle with secularisation in his book – Pilgrim’s Regress, Ravi Zacharias explains, “handcuffed by the spirit of the age, not free but bound…how absolute freedom, can actually become a form of bondage in itself…”

Dr Zacharias continued to explain, “When secularisation has its full run at things… it will ultimately cease to have the ability to define distinctives and could ultimately produce a generation without a sense of shame.” A generation without a sense of shame! A generation so lost that it follows what it thinks/ feels is right! But surely there is one, single truth we ought to follow. Now we have reached a time where modern secularisation is stopping us from seeking that truth under the claim of tolerance.

Looking around us, what do we hear and see? “Do not speak about God, lest you offend somebody”, Nurse suspended from work for wearing a cross, another one fired for offering to pray and encourage the brokenhearted”. Where is the freedom? If we are not to offer the life giving gift to our neighbour, then we can question whether we are directing towards human robotisation.

Sometimes I worry more about the west than countries ruled by known dictators, for the slippery road is more subtle and dangerous in those that claim democracy. For when they forget the very Biblical foundation they were built upon, they are heading on the route to destruction. May God have mercy.


I see You!


“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
C. S. Lewis

This quote is very powerful! I love to wake up in the morning and witness the sun rising, it’s just the best feeling. But not uncommon to the unpredictable weather that the UK has, I woke up to the cold cloudy day. ūüė¶ Its amazing how the weather sometimes determines how I feel, I was about to get quite¬†depressed.

Then The Lord reminded me of this quote above. Just because I wasn’t able to see the sun didn’t mean the sun didn’t rise, because the day did get brighter and I was able to see things more clearly despite of the cloudy sky. In the same way in our lives we struggle to see God clearly and say “God where are You in this?”,¬†but if we look back, the marks that God had left in our past are true witnesses of His presence in our lives. Through them we see God and His greatness and might! He might just be working undercover that we are unable to see Him, but that doesn’t change the reality that He is at work in our lives.

So let us look at those marks again and remind ourselves of how blessed we are to have this God of the whole universe, dwelling among us His people.

“My ears had heard of you,¬†but now my eyes have seen you.” ~Job.42:5~