The Joy of Light!

DSC04178Having been finishing work quite late, I have learnt to acquaint myself with getting home in the dark. I never really liked darkness, somehow it masks and veils what is there and limits your view.  Today I finished early and the sun was shining, everything looked beautiful!

I have discovered that people’s mood are completely different in the cold, dark days of winter compared to the bright, warm summer days. 

Likewise, life without Jesus is like a dark room. No matter how much stuff is in it, you will never know what exactly is in there and what to do with it. Lets take the example of surprises. When we want to surprise people, we hide their gifts in a dark room and once they put the light on, voilà! 

Surprisingly, one of the major issues we face as young people is the freedom of choice. We have many options but we lack direction as to which road we ought to take. We worry because we are uncertain of what each path has on its way and what would be the outcome. We become gripped by fear of failure that we don’t dare to even try. Trying becomes risky and foolishness. 

The truth is, we are not omniscient. We will never know the consequence of our choices before we get there and so we might have to just poke around in that dark room as though we were blind and try to figure out what stuff we have and how best to use them to make our living. 

The wise readers might think, why don’t you just turn the light on? Then surely you will know what you have in that room, the value of each item and how best to use them. Well that in itself requires a choice. Many young people walk around in that dark room thinking that they’ve got what it takes to face life with out the need for a light bulb. 

Jesus said,  “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John.8:12

Accepting Jesus, the Light will give us a clear direction of who, where we are and what we are ought to do with these valuables that we have been entrusted with in our rooms. 

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” – Psalm.119:105

With Him, there are no nasty surprises, He leads and never disappoints! What an assurance! 

So today, you have to choose – will you give your life to the One who knows it well and live it to the full, or are you going to keep poking in the dark hoping things just workout?



2 comments on “The Joy of Light!

  1. One of the common questions I often get from younger people is “What’s God’s will for my life?” Well, I don’t know what God has specifically in store for them. But I do know that God’s will can be found and discovered especially through His Word. As you quoted, it’s a lamp unto our paths.

    • Indeed. God bless you brother Brian. What I’m discovering through my life is that God is closing and opening doors to direct me to His will, it can be painful but I have to TRUST Him.

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