Mother and child

Snapshot_20131020 (14)I often love watching people, what and how they go about doing their daily activities. 

My room faces towards the main road with a beautiful view. Waking up in the morning and seeing God in the blue sky with radiance of sunshine and sleeping at night after gazing at the luminous stars and moon (well, at least when the British weather decides to be a little gracious), is such a blessing. Above all its even more beautiful when you see people showing an act of kindness and love to each other. 

Just a week ago, my flatmate and I observed a really beautiful mother-child moment. The mother was putting on a jacket for her son (about 3years old) by the side of her car. Then she put gloves on his hands and made sure he is warm and comfortable. After this she took out two big metallic things out of the car, which we weren’t sure what they were. For once we thought it was a pram, but it turns out they were scooters. A big one for the mum and a small one for the boy. Soon after they stepped on their scooters and rode side by side. I haven’t seen many parents do that, especially not from where I came from and it really warmed my heart. 

This mother didn’t bother about what others would think of her, except the joy of spending time with her son, doing something that he loves right by his side even in a cold, wintry evening. 

Yet that’s God love displayed in human form since we are made in the image of God. I once heard a preacher put it this way:

“When God wanted to describe His love to man, He could compare His love with only one earthly example – the love of a mother for her newly-born child (See Isaiah 49:15).If you observe a mother, you will see that her love for her baby is full of the spirit of sacrifice. From early morning to late at night, and right through the night, a mother sacrifices, and sacrifices, and sacrifices for her baby; and she gets nothing in return. She endures pain and inconvenience, year after year for her child, joyfully, expecting nothing in return. That is how God loves us too. And that is the nature He wants to impart to us.” – Zac Poonen

We are truly loved by our Heavenly Father!


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