Doubt to trust

Many of times I visited this place

This place of prayer and petition

Bringing all my request and burden

As doubt and questions keep ringing

In my head till my faith is shaken


Surely I say, God has heard

But if He chooses to be silent

Let me stop visiting Him in the mount

In that secret place of seeking His heart

Let me move on with my life


When I stop seeing through His eyes

I don’t recognize how close I am

As I crawled up this hill

He indeed carried me throughout


Now let me go back and trust

For I am close to the finish line

For surely He wasn’t silent

But was laboring with me in the fight


So today I come back

Again before You I lay my heart

Before I see Your face I won’t depart

Here at Your feet I leave all my doubts

As I rise with faith in my heart. 


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