He is my crown!

crowned with forgiveness

I was a sinner destined to die

Given to the hands of the oppressor

Left alone to tear me apart


I tell you it wasn’t easy

With no one there to comfort

Running here and there

But all I found was an empty well


Loneliness was my favourite word

And tears my good old friend

I didn’t have the answers to my hurt

Though I searched everywhere


I didn’t know Him

I have only heard His name

But He called me in my youth

And told me “you are Mine”


Who is this Man who would want me?

What am I worth to Him that He would love me?

Does He know who I really am or what I’m looking for?


But He had this radiant light

That was brighter than the sun

Irresistible were His words

And kept leaping in my heart


I didn’t understand what it was

But I desired what He had

Perhaps it’s the thing I was searching all around

Something pure something of beauty

Something to hope for and to be free


I was the youngest amongst many

But God didn’t care He still wants me

I stood to respond to the call that was made

And this was the day that I got saved

Oh the joy that filled my heart

Oh the burdens that became light

He has washed me and cleansed me white

By His blood I am His and He is mine


Now I can walk this path

With Him by my side

Oh what a happy day

I am the daughter of the Light!






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