Why is it so hard to let God be God? Why do we try to take His place?

Why do we not trust Him with our lives, even though He’s shown Himself faithful again and again?

Why do we kind of push Him off the driving seat and try to take control of the steering wheel of our lives when we know well enough that we are not good enough to do anything about it?

It’s amazing how we entrust ourselves to public transport drivers and rest fully assured that they know what they are doing. We don’t sit on the front and try to watch everything they do in order to check every detail of their move and see if they are doing it right, we just sit on the back relax and enjoy the view through the windows. Even the bumpy roads don’t scare us off! We trust them, and inside we have this confidence that “they know what they are doing, and these bumpy roads are nothing to them.” But with God I don’t always see that in my life. I try to take charge of it all, figure out what’s the best way to solve this? But this usually doesn’t help me, as His word says, “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm.46:10, I better just be still and fully believe that He is God and He knows how to drive my life through this bumpy road of life.

Its best for me if I come before Him, that I place my burden under His cross and leave it there. Because often I am tempted to pick it back up again and place it on my shoulder. E.g. I pray about something and then the next minute I am getting so worried about it again. But why do I find it hard to trust God even after I have seen all the good things He has done for me?

 Lack of faith! 😦 May God help me! 

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