My Defender!

  1. YES!!!

    Lord my heart is failing me

And all my flesh is wasting away

As I look to the threats of the oppressor

And gaze upon their schemes of murder

 They plan evil day and night

They seek to find faults in my life

They stretch their ropes wide to trip me

And chains of guilt to hold me back

 God would You not intervene

Would You not heal?

Are You not the defender of the weak

And Father of the meek?

Doesn’t Your word say,

You’re “the King of glory in their midst

And a wall of fire all around”?

 Hear Oh God

Hear the cry of my heart

Never let go, lest I die of my fright

You are my ONLY hope, You are my might

A just God, who is leading my fight

 Heal me oh God

Heal me by Your strips

That You took for me and many

On Calvary’s cross

Bind my aching heart and troubled soul

Let Your peace that surpasses all understanding

Guard my heart and soul

Until You come and we hear victory’s shout

Let our hearts stay strong in You our good God! 



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