Faithful God!

Look back and thank God!

Often, present situations

Blind me of God’s goodness

Its amazing how I quickly forget

And in the deep seas of my problems I drown


Often I shut myself of the needy

Trying to pretend I didn’t see

Their hurt and pain

That ring over me


Let me not wonder why?

Let me ask how should I

Face this, with God by my side

For He never ever leaves the meek

He sees the whole of eternity

In one blink!

There wasn’t a day

That I have passed by

On my own by my might

He was there,

Even when I couldn’t see

His Hands guiding and protecting me


So my soul trust Him

With all that you have

Believing He is able and He can

Let no other voices tell you otherwise! 

This song says it really well, that God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL! So let us trust Him with all our hearts, He knows what He is doing, we don’t! We see the present, but He sees the whole of eternity in one blink!


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