This morning I came across this powerful meditation, written by a lady called Pam Freeman. It has really encouraged me, particularly the first section of the meditation. At times I find it hard to keep on waiting for God, I feel like He has forgotten my case, as I have a few BIG things I want God to answer my prayer on and at least one of them I’m sure is His will, but not the right time yet.

I was meditating on this last night and asked God, “Father, why are You keeping me waiting?”, His answer was “It’s because I love you. Think about your parents, they wouldn’t give you money to buy things for yourself when you were young, because at that moment you didn’t understand the value of money and would have probably spent it all on sweets. As a result you would never understand how to use your money properly and effectively for something useful. In the same way, if I give you what you ask before the time you are mature enough to understand its value, it will not help you but spoil & hurt you. Also you would not value it much because what you get instantly is usually not as precious as what you get after a long wait. If your parents love you so much to discipline you, how much more should I not discipline you too?”

“because the LORD disciplines those He loves, as a father the son he delights in.” – Proverbs.3:12 

A MEDITATION contributed by Pam Freeman

Leader : You keep us waiting,

The God of all time
Want us to wait
For the right time in which
To discover who we are,
Where we must go,
Who will be with us,
And what we must do…..

All : So, thank you for the waiting time.

Leader : You keep us looking,
The God of all space,
Want us to look
In the right and wrong places
For signs of hope,
For people who are hopeless,
For visions of a better world
Which will appear
Among the disappointments
Of the world we know…

All : So, thank you for the looking time

Leader : You keep us loving,
The God whose name is love,
Want us to be like you…
To love the loveless and the unlovely and the unlovable,
To love those near us without jealousy or design or threat,
Most difficult of all,
To love ourselves….

All : So, thank you for the loving time.

Leader: And in all this
You keep us.
Through hard questions with no easy answers,
Through failing where we hoped to succeed
And making an impact when we felt we were useless.
Through the patience and the dreams and the love of others,
And through Jesus Christ and His Spirit,
Keep us….

All : So, thank you for the keeping time
and for now and for ever AMEN



One comment on “Waiting…

  1. How amazing! Today morning I was meditating the same topic, and here I find God speaking to me again. Thank you for sharing.

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