Apple of His eye

                                                 APPLE OF HIS EYE


I read through the Psalms

And came across the 139th

Where I found my identity and my life in God

It spoke to my weary soul and my lost heart,

That the Creator of all the earth

Is indeed by my side!

I had never thought that this great God,

Who spread the endless universe above

And sprinkled galaxies and stars around

                              Would care about my deepest thoughts

                             Or even know my words before they left my lips.

I had never known that He,

Actually knew me before the world began

Before I was carried in my mother’s womb

He had my life in His hands,

Made fearfully and wonderfully in His image

And all my days written in His book.

There has never been and never will be

Any one like me,

I am here for a mission

Fulfil His will in my life,

I’m the apple of His eye

I’m precious in His sight.

His thoughts for me are the best

To give me a future and a hope,

Life beyond this age

With Him forever more!

My loving Father.


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