Unfathomable love <3



I know that I don’t deserve it

But Your grace made it possible

Your face had not turned away by the evil of my heart

But looked at me with mercy and love

Like a mother to her nursing baby

Like an eagle for its little ones

You never left my side

Lord I thank You for that

Though I have failed you countless times

Your patience had been beyond that

Though I continually run away

You never stopped pursuing me God

Jesus I thank You

For You made all this possible

For a wicked like me to be a child of God

In You all my needs are met

In You my soul and spirit find rest

I still don’t know how much I am blessed!

Lord I thank You I don’t have to worry

For You have in Your hand all of eternity

You see through tomorrow and the day after

My life is hidden in my beloved Father

Lord give me the grace to walk

With this amazing peace in my heart

That You have lovingly bestowed

The peace beyond scientific explanation

Peace that surpasses every understanding

Great is Your faithfulness my God

May Your name be forever glorified

I am resting in Your unfathomable love

Being held so close to Your heart

I have nothing to fear when You are by my side!!!



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