Desert Blossom

Desert blossom


I may be walking through the desert

With nothing to see but empty sky and sand

I may be climbing a mountain

Where I can’t even see the end

I may be swimming in a mighty river

That’s going well over my head

 And yet I know, I know

The dry land shall be a spring of water

And’ the desert shall blossom as the rose’

I will ‘thresh the mountains and beat them small’

And the mighty waters won’t overflow me LORD

Though I walk through the fire I won’t burn

A bruised reed You will not break

A smoking flax You won’t quench

But when I leave the furnace

 I will awake in Your likeness

Yes! At the break of dawn You will be my help

For I know that I am precious in Your sight

God You are my only hope and trust

You are my strength and have filled my heart

With flowing rivers of peace and love!

(ISAIAH.35, 41,42)


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